Can a car last 300 000 miles

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Jul 03, 2012 · my 2007 suburban motor just died at 199,759 miles. it had been burning a quart of oil every 1000 miles for the last 2 years. lots of things wrong with the vehicle. the motor put it over the top. i really thought i’d keep it for another year and a half and get to 250K. not going to happen now. i’d still say 200k is pretty tough to do. Jan 12, 2011 · i own one x5 2001 ,i love my car,and i am mechanic more than 30 years if all problems has been fixed.and car has over 100000 miles you can enjoyfor another 100 or more.but you must remember any repair or service cost twice as much as any japanise or domestic car.there is not any cheap price for parts or labor .as a exemple for you to remember ... I'm conducting the same experiment. Congrats. I have many, many more miles to go first (approaching 166K) before joining the 300K mile club, but I intend to get there. For whatever reason, I can't seem to average more than 15K miles a year, and I ride it pretty hard. I'd love to know how you get 100K miles on a set of tires. Second, a used car that is several years old will typically lose its value at a lower rate than a new car. If all this sounds sensible you have come to the right place, because this list identifies the 10 Best High-Mileage Used Cars you can buy. We examined cars that are about five years old and cost about $15,000 or less. Jan 30, 2008 · How Many Miles Can I Get Out Of My Subaru? By Justin Stobb on January 30, 2008 in All Wheel Drive Auto News , Subaru Maintenance , Subaru Repair Seattle While results will vary and the big variable is always how well the car has been maintained, what I can tell you is a Subaru is capable of going 300,000 miles. These cars have lasted 200,000 miles and counting If you plan to buy a new car and drive it until it dies, the good news is that cars are lasting a lot longer than they used to. Consumer Reports recently released a list of the 10 cars that most often last their owners for 200,000 miles or more. Most modern cars will go 80-100K miles with very little repair work. At that point, you start replacing brakes belts, hoses, bearings, etc. After 100K, most cars are still reliable, but you have to factor in items like axles (fwd) AC service, suspension, all of which are more expensive than basic maintenance.

Parrot sounds in the wildLooking for a car that will last? These are the cars proven to get to 200,000 miles and beyond based on Consumer Reports' annual auto reliability survey. ... Almost any car can make it to 200,000 ... Aug 03, 2012 · Any car will make 300,000 miles if you repair and or replace enough parts. My son has a 2003 Saturn ION with 208,000 miles and counting. Wh would have thought an $11,000 car woudl last that long? He may make 300,000.

So for years, people thought 100,000 miles was still a reasonable figure at which to ditch a car and get a new one -- even if, in reality, it could last for much longer than that. Only in the last decade or so have people finally started to realize that when properly maintained, many cars can hit 200,000 miles. Some can hit 300,000 miles. 10 of the Longest Lasting Cars on the Road

There are a few items that generally don’t get addressed until 100,000 miles or more (orange coolant, long-life spark plugs), but 100,000 is nothing special — at least not in terms of car maintenance. If the car’s still running 100,000 miles down the road, you’ve already got the hang of it. So, I wasn't used to having so much rust on my car and it took me a while to get used to it, that it was normal and to just enjoy the car as is. My previous car, a '98 Chevy Cavalier, was a car that never left North Carolina through all its travels. It ended up at 389,000 miles (and still running), with no rust at all.

Boards > Community Central > The Vestibule > My car is going to last me 300,000 miles. > My car is going to last me 300,000 miles. Discussion in ' The Vestibule ' started by RichieCunningham , Nov ... Dec 04, 2019 · In general, the issue is not whether it can last 300.000 miles, but if it is financially worth it for repairs and maintenance. In the end, all components can and will wear out, and have to be replaced. At a certain point, the replacements of worn out components gets more expensive than switching to a new car.

Front end bounces while drivingDec 10, 2018 · While most car pundits claim that a car is reliable if it crosses 200,000 miles, we found cars that went beyond 300,000 miles. Buying a car in a market that is saturated can be overwhelming. Consumers have to know which cars are only a fad and the ones that are going to remain on the market for the long haul. CARS.COM — The answer to the question question of when to replace shock absorbers and struts hinges on several variables, including how many miles a vehicle is driven, on what kinds of roads it ... Aug 30, 2017 · “Over the last two years, we have seen that that electric, supercharged vehicles can be deployed at utilization levels unheard of with gas vehicles. ... A gas car with 300k miles would be near ...

Apr 19, 2017 · Which cars will most likely last for 200,000 miles? By Jerry Edgerton April 19, 2017 / 5:30 AM ... these cars can keep you out of a car payment for a long time if you choose.” ...
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  • Sep 07, 2011 · How many miles does the average BMW last? ... If you change the oil every 3000-5000 miles, a car can last up to 300,000 - 400,000 miles. This is not just true of ...
  • Last year, owner Mark claimed to have racked up 650,000 miles on his 2000 Chevrolet Corvette. Since then, we’ve started wondering just how far this car would go, and as of June 2016 the original ...
  • To the question ”how many miles can a car last for?” I would answer from my experience well over 300 000 miles/500 000km. As I had an Audi A4 2001 year made, which I bought with roughly 292 000 miles/470 000km on a clock and over two years had put another 34 000 miles/55 000km on a top of that.
ANY car has just so much life in it. The more miles, the less life left. "Things" don't last forever and even a car that has been used for longer distance travel has unseen items that wear out and need replacement, Things like bearings in wheels, alternators, etc. airberlin | topbonus - how would you use 300.000 miles? - Hi, I have 300k+ miles in my topbonus account... what is in your opinion the best way to use them? I would like to use them for a F/C ( of course F not with AB) flight somewhere and i am looking for ideas.. but maybe there are better ways to use them Thanks So, I wasn't used to having so much rust on my car and it took me a while to get used to it, that it was normal and to just enjoy the car as is. My previous car, a '98 Chevy Cavalier, was a car that never left North Carolina through all its travels. It ended up at 389,000 miles (and still running), with no rust at all. Apr 14, 2006 · Make you car last 250k miles. A Q45 forum / Cima forum for the President of Infiniti's lineup. Brought to you by Infiniti Parts USA, your OEM source for Q45 parts! Mar 29, 2013 · 300k_car.jpg. PennLive's Andrew Shay just put the 300,000th mile on his 15-year-old car, a 1997 Honda Accord. PennLive's Andrew Shay just put the 300,000th mile on his 15-year-old car. He can just drive home. [Allpar note: this is not recommended for front wheel drive cars.] When the vehicle had about 400,000 miles on it, he thought maybe it was burning oil. He got the engine steam cleaned and found out that it was blowing oil out of a spot where the oil filter goes onto the block. According to a new study from the car search engine, you should consider an SUV if you want a long-lasting vehicle that can reach 200,000 miles or more. In fact, the report concluded that eight out of the 10 vehicles most likely to last 200,000 miles are SUVs. SUVs, cars and pickup trucks that will last 200,000 miles or more!
Oct 05, 2010 · But assuming you want to extract the most economy out of a car, the average American probably can expect to get 150,000 to 200,000 miles out of any car, with average care and average use. Beyond that, owning the car is not usually cost-effective, unless you are a high-mileage driver (20-30K per year).